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I ride my stand up paddle board every single day!

It's so easy and so much fun! I can't believe how light and easy it is to carry. Whether I paddle in an calm lagoon or surfing the waves in the ocean, it's relaxing, exciting and fun all at the same time!

Left section Hawaii SUP

Package includes:

  • 100% Carbon Fiber Paddle (8.25" blade) w/ blade cover
  • 3/4 length pre-installed deck pad/moulded carrying handle
  • board bag w/ carrying strap

About Hawaii SUPS

  • Made from Extruded Polystyrene foam IXPS
  • Has a completely consistent density throughout
  • Foam is more durable, lighter and flexible than EPS or PU foam.
How our boards are made

How our boards are made

All of Hawaii SUPS Stand Up Paddleboards are hand shaped from an Extruded Polystyrene Foam which is more white, light, and high density than EPS or PU. This material is made from recycled blanks, this material solves the problems of delamination and is more environmentally friendly due to the recycled use of foam. This rigid foam is closed cell and has a completely consistent density, wide temperature range, and is more durable, lighter, and flexible than EPS or PU foam. As a result there is no water absorption and the foam absorbs less resin. It will greatly reduce the weight of the board without sacrificing the strength of the board. The boards are hand laminated with epoxy resin and glassed with two layers of fiberglass one layer of 4 ounce and one layer of 6 ounce on top and bottom with a wooden stringer.

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